Educating a new generation of board members.

The Boarding School breaks down the barriers keeping young people out of institutional governance by educating, placing, and supporting young people on boards.

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Who We Are

Created by and for young people, The Boarding School is a 501c(3) nonprofit dedicated to recruiting and training young people to serve on boards of organizations that affect their lives.

What We Do


We support community-led campaigns working to elect young people to their governing boards.


We empower young people with knowledge and skills to be effective leaders in the boardroom.


We cultivate a growing network of former, current, and prospective young board members.

How It Works

The Boarding School works with organizations whose actions directly impact young people to better incorporate a youthful perspective in their governance and decision-making processes across various domains, including academia, sports, business, entertainment, and government.

We believe that equipping young people to make a difference in these areas will help both our partner organizations, who will benefit from a more diverse and inclusive perspective, and our youth representatives, who will develop boardroom leadership skills early on in their life.

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