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Educating a new generation of board leaders

We equip young people with the skills and information to communicate their perspectives effectively in any boardroom.

Our educational programs are available to any young person who shows significant interest in learning about governing boards or who serves or has served on a board themselves.


The Boarding School identifies and recruits young people who are strong candidates to positively contribute to the decision making processes of organizations that affect their lives and equips them with the skills and information to communicate their perspectives effectively.

Any young person who shows significant interest in learning about institutional boards or who serves or has served on a board themselves is eligible to apply for any of TBS’ educational programs. 

There is no age minimum or maximum for participation in TBS’ educational programs, but any program applicant must demonstrate how their perspective as a young person is fundamentally different and missing from the organizational board on which they serve, served, or hope to serve.

TBS has no educational degree requirements for participation in its educational programs.

We want our fellows to develop leadership skills that will serve them both in the boardroom and beyond. As TBS works to develop a standardized curriculum and workshop options, we currently offer training on an ad hoc basis, falling broadly into four categories: 

  1. General education about corporate governance and the function of boards of directors and similar bodies, as well as training in procedural functions,
  2. Sustainable, ethical, and mission-aligned financial oversight,
  3. Role and experience of young trustees, and
  4. Soft skills development, including public speaking, persuasive argumentation, and coalition building. 

The benefit of ad hoc training sessions is that we can focus on providing information that is specific and relevant to the organizational boards our fellows hope to join. Prospective candidates and members of our network may also request specific training sessions to address topics of their interest.

Like our mission, our educational programs are not industry-specific. We believe young perspectives are valuable and needed in institutional decision-making across most  – if not all – domains, from academia, to nonprofits, business, sports, and entertainment.

Similarly, TBS’ educational programs are not built with any singular organization type in mind. We aim to offer specific programming for young people interested in serving on corporate, nonprofit, foundation, and any other kind of board. Currently, our educational programming is more tailored to university and academic governing boards, but as the TBS network and number of campaigns grow, so too will the diversity of our programming.

No. For 2020, TBS educational programs are offered at no cost.

Yes. When organizations look for young people to serve on their boards, we hope they will look to TBS as a resource and consider TBS alumni as potential candidates. As our network grows, we will refer our qualified alumni to boards where we believe they could add value based on their lived and professional experience, and we provide them with personalized support through the onboarding process. All of our program alumni also have access to the growing TBS young trustee network.

Please email [email protected] with information about yourself, your organization, what you know about TBS thus far, and how you envision partnering with us.

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